Can wearing contact lenses reduce your chance of getting lasik eye surgery in the future?

No. Generally speaking wearing contact lenses does not affect the chance of being a good lasik candidate. There are extremely rare circumstances when this might not be true.
Not usually. Contact kens wear should not affect your candidacy unless you develop an infection/ corneal scarring.
No. Contacts unless they caused severe infections that resulted in cornea scarring should not prevent you from having lasik. That being said depending on the type of contacts that you are wearing it is important that you not wear them for a specific amount of time so that the measurements that are taken of your eye are not affected.
Not necessarily. Usually not. I agree with the other eyemds here. Soft contact lenses should be removed for about a week prior to measurements for lasik and hard or gas perm lenses should be out for 3 weeks. I have operated on some ceos and executives who could not take the time out of their contacts prior to lasik and they usually have done just fine but it's more accurate to test after 1-3 weeks out.
Not usually. The main concern with wearing contact lenses is to check with your eyemd and be certain that you leave the cls out for a sufficient time peroid so that they can get accurate measurements of your corneal surface. Certain types of cls change the shape of the eye and that could impact on your outcome with lasik surgery.

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Could I get lasik eye surgery if I have a intraocular lens (iol) implant?

Yes. No problem. Most people don't need lasik after an implant, but it is definitely possible. You need to have a cornea that is suitable (thick enough and round). Read more...
Probably. Not sure why you have an iol at such a young age-but if you had a cataract removed, or had a refractive lens implant done, and there is a residual prescription, it can often be treated by lasik eye surgery. Read more...