What does an occupational therapist do (otr)?

OT. An ot helps people of all ages to improve their ability to perform tasks in their daily living & working environments. They help people with disabilities to improve their skills, such as motor functions & reasoning skills. Examples are using computers, cooking, dressing, eating, muscle strength, visual acuity, problem solving, etc.

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What does an occupational therapist do?

Hands, splints, adl. They do hand therapy, fabricate splints and evaluate and train for adl's.

What does an occupational therapist do with you?

Upper Extremity. An occupational therapist works on disorders of the upper extremity only. You can think of them as a physical therapist that focuses only on the upper extremities, whereas a physical therapist can treat the entire body.

Hello doctors, what does an occupational therapist do?

Upper extremity pt. Concentrates on upper extremity dysfunction and from occupational, sports, trauma, post surgical are able to supervise physical therapy and restore function in a safe manner also with spinal cord injury and stroke patients help with adaptive aids for feeding grooming etc.

What does an occupational therapist do for schizophrenic patients?

OT. They assess & treat patients with physical, mental & cognitive impairments. They also identify & eliminate environmental barriers to independence & participation in daily activities. They educate patients & caretakers regarding activities of daily living. They work closely with professionals in Physical therapy, Speech therapy, Nursing, Social work & the Community.
OT care. Occupational Therapists help individuals learn to perform activities of daily living. Toileting, hygiene, food prep, getting dressed, performing tasks. These therapists can help a wide variety of disabled persons. They are wonderful assests to rehab teams.

What's it like to be an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapi. It is like any other medical profession where you come in contact with many different patients and design specific therapies for each one of them and help improve their life and get paid as well. It can be very satisfying and other times it can be frustrating as well.

What does a occupational therapist do typically?

See below. Ot do a lot of different things. They help people regain independence with things like dressing, bathing, toileting, showering etc after illness and other disabling conditions like strokes, head and spinal cord injuries. They also help people with who have problems with their hands like rheumatoid arthritis or who have had amputations of parts of the upper extremities.

Are most occupational therapist assistants women?

Not in the. Hospital where I work. Don't go for stereotypes! Do what you want to do! Men make great nurses! Great physical therapists! Great occupational therapists! And great techs!

Could an occupational therapist give any medicine?

Medication prescribe. Typically licensed practitioners who are able to prescribe medications if they are not physicians (M.Ds, D.Os, dentists, podiatrists etc,) are either licensed practical nurses or physician assistants. This varies depending on your jurisdiction, some requiring or not physician supervision typically from mds or dos. I have never heard of occupational or physical therapist prescribing medications.