Can you tell me whether there are naturopathic remedies for ocular migraines?

Unknown. I am unaware of any naturopathic agents that have been scientifically proven for this. Keep in mind that any chemical agent should undergo a randomized clinical trial (rct) to be proven helpful (and not harmful) for a particular disease. A rct is the best way of using the scientific method for clinically useful agents.
A bit complex. I am not sure what a real naturopathic remedy means anymore. However, just to be complete, we do use some otc natural preparations to prevent migraine headaches and these include: butterbur, feverfew, riboflavin, co-q10.
No. Ocular migraine does not generally require treatment as it comes in multiple episodes for while then goes away. Also one gets visual symptoms but no headaches. If they are recurring with headaches further work up is required to make sure there is no underlying cause.