Which antidepressant can someone take, if he has acute narrow angle glaucoma?

Speak with your doc. Certain antidepressants have been associated with causing narrow angles to worsen. This can increase your risk of an acute narrow angle glaucoma attack, which is sight-threatening. An acute attack is incredibly painful and needs immediate treatment in order to prevent blindness. See an eye doctor to discuss your glaucoma and speak with your psychiatrist about medication choices as well.
None until you check. Several can induce or exacerbate narrow angles . Check with your eye md first.
Bad question. One does not normally walk around with acute narrow angle glaucoma because the pressure can reach 60 to 90 and this will blind the person within hours.....Hence the word acute attack! what you must mean it that the angles are narrow and capable of inducing an attack under the right circumstances. With today's laser technology such patients should be cured by treatment with laser.