How is intraocular pressure typically measured?

Different ways. Commonly, goldmann applanation with the blue light or air puff pneumotonometer. We also use tonopen, icare, pascal, reichert's, perkin's, and palpation depending on the cornea status. Schiotz is rarely used anymore.
Different ways. The most common method is goldmann tonometry, but newer tonometers have become available that take into account the biomechanical properties of the cornea that can influence the readout of intraocular pressure.

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How is intraocular pressure measured?

Many ways. The two most common methods are pneumatic tonometry (the puff of air method ) and applanation tonometry (more accurate but requires eye drops). Read more...

In what way is intraocular pressure measured from within the sterile field?

Schiotz tonometer. I commonly use a sterilized schiotz indentation tonometer in a sterile field. The accuracy is fair, but the instrument can be sterilized and will not compromise the sterile field. Read more...