When are cervical cerclages necessary?

Complicated. In general cerclage is indicated when a woman has a clear history of incompetent cervix and previable second trimester delivery. Its complicated though, and somewhat controversial among experts. One should consult with an OB or mfm about the issue if one thinks a cerclage might be needed.
Debatable. It is debatable whether cerclages really make a difference in outcome. In this country they are offered to women who have a history of incompetent cervix or show signs of early opening of the cervix before 22 weeks. You may be a candidate for Progesterone treatment either vaginally or as an injection.
Cervical cerclage. A cerclage is necessary to prevent premature opening of the cervix prior to labor. It is usually need when the cervix length is shortened, and usually you realize this from a previous delivery that was premature. In subsequent pregnancies the cervical length can be monitored by serial sonograms. The procedure can be done under local with mild sedation, and is usually performed in an ambulatory or.
Weak cervix . A cerclage is done for women who have lost pregnancies in the second trimester due to an incompetent cervix. They are not effective for patients who deliver early due to preterm labor. It is important to discuss this in detail with your doctor and get your records from previous pregnancies for their review.