Can probiotics reverse loose bowels?

Yes. Florastor is an excellent probiotic used for infectious diarrhea for over 50 years. Not all probiotics are the same.
Depends. Might be helpful, especially in viral, irritable bowel syndrome. May help symptoms, not disease process in ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease.

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I have a problem with loose bowels, so should I start taking a probiotic that is supposed to help?

Depends on cause. Constant diarrhea needs to be evaluated. It may be related to a food allergy, inflammation, or infection. First rule out serious disease before self-treating. Also, not all probiotics are alike and taking the right one can make a difference. Look for at least 1 billion colonies and at least several different strains of bacteria.

Hi. What should be eaten after 1 day bout of diarrhea (6x bowel movement in one day)? When can I go back to eating ice cream? Is probiotics ok?

Three questions. Self-limited viral gastroenteritis, or recurring problem? Circumstances under which diarrhea developed (malabsorption, pancreatic maldigestion, food intolerances, stressful times, exposure to ill individuals, food poisoning, ischemic gut, inflammatory colitis, etc.), severity (stool volume, dehydration, blood, night-time awakening, weight loss), duration? Probiotics good, as is dietary caution.

17 month old toddler boy. 5-10 frequent bowel movements past 2-3 weeks. Ranges from diarrhea to solid. Tried probiotic for kids no better.?

Toddlers diarrhea. Your child has whats known as toddlers diarrhea. It may be caused from drinking juice. Juices contain fructose or sorbitol which are sugars that cause diarrhea in toddlers. Also some of the dyes added to fruit juices may also cause problems. To help you determine where the problem is use a diet diary.