Is glaucoma common in young women?

No. Generally, glaucoma incidence increases with age, and is more common in African Americans, in positive family glaucoma history, elevated Intraocular pressure, thin corneas, And other factors. Always have your eyes examined if concerned, or if you have a family history of glaucoma, have decreased vision, if history of injury, eye inflammation, use of prednisone etc. .
Unusual. Glaucoma is uncommon in young men or women. It is largely a condition of older age starting in the 50s and getting more common as aging occurs. Is there some factor for which you would be suspicious that at 44 years you might have this? That would include a history of trauma, glaucoma associated systemic disease and a strong family history.
No. Glaucoma is generally a disease of aging. Some younger people have problems with angle-closure glaucoma but with this, the incidence increases with age and cataract formation.