Which vitamins and minerals prevent you from bruising easily?

Vit C and K, Calcium. We need almost all the vitamins and most of the minerals in their normal levels for regulation of all bodily systems including blood- part of hemotological system which included blood, bone marrow, and reticulo endothelial organs under which spleen, lympnodes , liver all come. Vitamin k is a procoagulant, helps to coagulate and avid bleeding tendency .Used in liver patients, who produce less vitk .

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How much vitamin d 3 & vitamin K should a woman take daily? I am bruising easily and wanted to know if vitamin K will help so I won;;t bruise easy?

Depends. Vitamin d intake depends on your blood level. Some people need more than others; their body breaks it down faster. It will not have any effect on bruising. Vitamin k is in leafy green vegetables which you should be eating daily. Vitamin k is also in many multivitamins. Vitamin k deficiency is very rare unless you have unusual medical problems so look for other causes of bruising. See your doctor. Read more...