Can having sinus congestion affect glaucoma pressure in an eye?

No. Glaucoma is caused by increased eye pressure this is not connected to sinus presssure.
Not eye pressure. Sinus pressure creates a sensation of pressure around the eye, but does not actually increase the pressure in the eye. This level of pressure can only be detected with an exam in an eye doctor's office.
Treatment might. Sinus congestion does not affect the pressure of the eye. Approximately 10% of glaucoma patients have the type called narrow angle glaucoma. This condition is related to the shape of the inside of the eye, and anything that makes the front of the eye shallower can cause eye pressure to rise precipitously. Decongestants can create narrowing of the angles, so if you are at risk, do not use them.

Related Questions

Can having sinus congestion affect glaucoma pressure in an eye?

Not really. Sinus congestion can be quite unpleasant but the pressure in the sinus is not transmitted to the eye. These are separate and independent problems.

Does having sinus congestion also affect the glaucoma pressure in an eye?

No. Pressure in the eye is independent of sinus congestion and independent of blood pressure.
No. Sinus pressure can be felt around the eye, often making a patient think the pressure in the eye is elevated. Sinus congestion has no affect on intraocular pressure.

Does drinking a lot of caffeinated beverages affect glaucoma and does having sinus congestion affect glaucoma?

Maybe. It would take a lot of caffeine to effect eye pressure and sinus congestion has no effect at all. Certain cold and sinus meds can effect the pressure in narrow angle glaucoma.
Probably not. There is a temporary increase in the eye pressure to a small degree from the ingestion of a large volume of liquid until the kidney gets rid of it. The caffeine does not alter the fluid relationships in the eye and so is not a problem. Sinus congestion is an independent problem and unrelated to eye pressure.

Could sinus congestion cause narrow angle closure glaucoma?

Sinus congestion. Will not cause angle glaucoma. In patients who have narrow anterior chamber angles (which would be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist), taking medications to treat a sinus infection could lead to an angle closure glaucoma attack. If you have narrow angles, you should avoid decongestants and anti-histamines until you are told by your ophthalmologist that it's ok to use them.

I don't take Sudafed because it makes me feel jittery. What else can I try OTC or home remedy to relieve sinus congestion/achiness/ pressure?

You can try. Oral antihistamines such as Benadryl, (diphenhydramine) Chlortrimeton, Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra, etc, or nasal spray such as Afrin or neosynephrine, Also use a vaporizer to increase humidity. Avoid dehydration by taking plenty of fluids. If these don't work, it is time to see a doctor.

Headache for 4 wks. Doesn't go with painkillers. Eye test normal. Dr gave tablets for sinus congestion - not working. Never had this headache before?

Headache. You need to see a neurologist and have a scan of your head.
Headache specialist. New daily persistent headache always represents a particular diagnostic challenge. See orofacial pain practitioner or a headache specialist for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Take care.