What are the requirements to become board-certified in pediatrics?

Many hurdles. You must complete medical school and an accredited residency program in pediatrics. During this time multiple board exams are also taken and must be passed.
Board certified . Pediatricians need to maintain continuing medical education and take a certifying exam to get and maintain certification with the American Board of Pediatrics.
Board certification. Requires finishing a pediatrics residency and sitting for and passing board certification exam.
Tests. Complete a residency training in specific recognized training programs. Take the academy specified board exams and maintain certification by regular retesting.
Pass board exam. Complete medical school. Complete pediatric residency, 3 years. Pass national board exam, offered once yearly in October. .
Board Certification. You first need to finish an accredited residency in Pediatrics (after Medical School). There is then a test called the "Pediatric Boards" which you must pass in order to become "Board Certified." There are other requirements that you must meet in order to maintain this board certification.
ABP Certification. is awarded to physicians who have graduated from an accredited medical schoolS, are verified to have completed 3 years of pediatric residency and are clinically competent and ethical, have an unrestricted state license to practice medicine, and have passed a comprehensive one day exam covering all aspects of pediatric care. Board certified pediatricians are called 'Diplomates'. .
See below. 3 years of residency in an approved pediatric training program, and passing a certification exam in pediatrics.
ResidencyPassExam. After graduation from Accredited Medical School and finishing 3 years of approved residency in General Pediarics in an approved programme by accredited by Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education on the advice of the review committee on Pediatrics. Take the exam and pass satifactorily.
Passing a test. After all the training that doctors do, they still need to pass a written and sometimes also an oral exam, in their specialty area, in order to be certified by their specialty board. Some doctors don't bother with the test, and some don't test well even though they are great doctors. Most of us take the test and retake it every 5-10 years so that we can prove that we know what we are doing. .