What is a cervical stitch?

Cerclage. A cervical stitch is a procedure called a cerclage. A cerclage is a surgical procedure to close and support the cervix for people who have pregnancy loss in the second trimester due to a weak or incompetent cervix. Typically a "purse-string" stitch is placed around the cervix in the early second trimester to give support. The most common type is called a mcdonald cerclage.
Cerclage. A cerclage is when the cervix is stitched closed. It can be done in early pregnancy in women who have had a prior preterm delivery due to cervical insufficiency or weak cervix. This helps prevent the cervix from opening early and is called prophylactic cerclage. It can also be done later in pregnancy up to about 23 weeks and is called an emergent cerclage. It is usually removed at 36-37 weeks.