Is it normal for a dentist that uses bpa-free fillings?

New to me. I have not heard of such filings yet, but i guess anything and everything is out there now. Composite resins or white fillings are resin based and perhaps now there is a bpa free ones. Very interesting.
Yes. There was a study done on sealants many years ago. They found one that gave off bpa. Now, composite filling material is made out of bis-gma resin. Chemically, there is no bpa in a resin made from bis-gma. If you want to know the chemistry involved read this blog: http://blogs.Ultradent.Com/fischer/2008/04/bisphenola_in_dental_sealants_1.Php.
Yes . There are alternatives to bpa containing fillings. Although many people do avoid amalgam because of the mercury controversy it is still used as a restorative material and does not contain bpa. Glass ionomers also do not usually contain bpa.