What are good red eye drops that work with soft contact lens?

Depends. If the issue is only dryness causing eye redness, any over the counter lubricating drop would help (do not use the ones that say 'gets the red out'). These are all compatible with contact lenses. Be sure the redness is not due to allergy, infection or internal eye inflammation. Your ophthalmologist can help if the redness is persistent.
None. Red eyes with contact lens use are a symptom of an underlying problem. If your eyes always get red with lens use, see your ophthalmologist. Chronic vasoconstrictive drops can be problematic making your eyes even redder over the long run.

Related Questions

I've run out of contact solution. Can I use red eye drops to store my lenses just for tonight then clean them with solution when I buy some?

Ok to do this. This solution is designed to be compatible with the eyes as it is a drop you apply directly to the eye. You can store the lenses in it overnight and cleaning with regular solution tomorrow will expose your eyes to its regular environment.

Is it normal to have red eye and painful feeling when you are wearing bandage contact lens?

Yes. If you are wearing the lens because you have a corneal problem, this can be normal until the cornea clears up. I would have your eye doctor check to make sure the fit of the lens is good because this can cause discomfort and eye redness as well.
Probably. The redness and pain is probably the results of the injury or infection that made the bandage lens necessary in the first place.

Is it a better idea to use eye drops for contacts or eye drops for red eye relief?

Neither. It is better to see your eye doctor and determine what the problem is so that you will know the correct solution.

Could eye drops work for red eye?

The cause. Of the red eye is important to diagnose. This will dictate the type of drop that will be used for treatment. It's best to have an eye exam so your doctor can recommend the appropriate treatment for your red eye. Good luck.

Can contact lenses give you red eye in photos?

No. The red eye is from a reflection of your retina (back of your eye) being seen through the pupil.

Can wearing contact lenses produce the red-eye effect in photographs?

No. "red eye" is the natural color of the back of the eye and is produced in photos by the camera lense being in almost the same line as the flash. Contact lenses have no impact on that.

I wear contact lenses and often suffer from itching and red eye. What is going on?

Probably allergy. Sounds like you could be allergic. It could be due to solutions, the lenses (giant papillary conjunctivitis) or even unrelated to both. I would check with your eye doctor on this.
Allergy. It sounds like an allergic reaction. Please consult your doctor for a different contact lens material or solution. You may want to use preservative free contact lens solution and daily contact lenses are less problematic and better tolerated.