Had a lipid panel done. Ttl cholesterol- 159. Triglycerides- 61. Hdl- 38. Ldl- 106. Vlda- 12. Ttl cholest/hdl- 4.1. Non-hdl- 118. Is this good?

See Below. For the most part yes. I would like to see your HDL higher 40-50. Exercise, no smoking will help improve this. Adhere to a healthy diet as well.
It Depends. Your level of cardiovascular risk (high, moderate, or low) is the first thing to consider. High risk patients are treated to ldl-c < 100 or < 70. If you meet criteria for high risk your test results indicate that treatment may be needed. If LDL particle number (ldl-p), the actual number of LDL particles in blood, is elevated at goal ldl-c values treatment is needed to lower ldl-p to goal levels.