Is it possible to have the baby turned out of the breech position if I had a c-section in my last pregnancy?

Yes. You can try to have a version so long as you did not have a classical c-section before.
External version. The procedure to turn the baby from breech to head down (cephalic) is called an external cephalic version. It can be done on a patient with a previous c section. A version is not a risk free procedure. Neither is a vaginal delivery after c section (vbac). You would need to discuss this with your doctor and jointly decide if you both are comfortable with this plan.
Possibly. There is not much data about the safety of doing an external cephalic version (ecv or turning the baby) in someone with a previous c-section scar. The risk is that the scar on the uterus may break open (rupture) and that would require an emergency surgery and may cause harm to both the mother and the fetus. This question is best answered as a discussion between you and your doctor.
Possible/advisable?? External cephalic version involves manual pressure/force on the term gravid uterus and fetus under anesthesia and muscle relaxation. You can appreciate how a scar from a prior cesarean section can decrease your likelihood of success and increase your risk for complications such as uterine rupture, placental abruption and non-reassuring fetal status. I would not recommend it - repeat c/s is safer.
Sometimes. External version (flipping the baby) is not done by most ob/gyns now days. A patient with a previous c/s would not be the best candidate.