I have a lump left side of my tooth its very painful my left side of my head and ear hurts really bad went to the dentist what can I use to stop thi?

Ask the dentist. Your dentist should give you the instruction and medication for stopping the pain. From what you described, it is very likely the tooth has infection involving the nerve. The definitive solution should be root canal therapy or extraction. At mean time, the dentist might place you under antibiotics and pain medication to control the the syptom. Do ask your dentist!
Antibiotic may help. You have an infection/abcess. The pain is from the pressure building up and trying to find a way out to drain. If your dentist rx antibiotics they will take 48 hours to help. For pain i would suggest otc Motrin not mote than 800 mg 3x/day or an rx for pain from your dentist. The best treatment is to treat the tooth with root canal therapy as this will end the pain and the cause of the infection.