Are there surgeries to repair eye injury in the fovea centralis?

Maybe. The fovea is the most sensitive part of the eye, responsible for sharp detail vision. Macular translocation surgery moves the fovea to another part of the eye in cases of certain macular diseases, but the success rate is mixed, and the surgery is risky. Discuss all options with your ophthalmologist.
Maybe. I recommend a good evaluation from a retina specialist to discuss your options.
Macular Hole. Macular hole is one of the most common forms of damage to the fovea centralis. The picture to the right shows a circular defect in the center of the retina. Repair needs to be addressed through an internal approach using vitrectomy techniques. Gas, or oil and face down positioning may also be used.

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Are there any surgeries to repair eye injury in the fovea centralis?

Possibly. The fovea is the most delicate part of the eye. 90% of all vision fibers connect to this tiny area. There are new amazing surgeries to repair conditions like macular holes that once led to blindness, & treatments for wet macular degeneration that would affect the fovea. However, mechanical injury, solar, laser, or welding burns to the fovea would probably be beyond repair w/ current technology. Read more...
It's coming! Macula translocation operations are available currently but stem cell procedures will be the ultimate cure for central retina and foveal diseases or scars. In the future your own stem cell differentiated rods and cones will be grown in tissue culture and be injected into the area of scar or missing retina. Read more...