Can you tell me the difference between sty and pink eye?

Eye vs eyelid. Pink eye is a viral or bacterial infection of the surface of the eye and mucus membranes lining the eyelids (conjunctiva). A stye is an infected eyelash follicle and presents as a red, painful bump on the eyelid.
Infections. A stye is a clogged oil gland that is infected. The body typically walls it off as a red painful bump around the eyelid skin. Pink eye is a conjunctivitis or an infection causing a red eyeball that can be very contagious (viral). Pink eye can easily travel to the other eye, whereas it is less common with styes.

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How can you tell difference between a sty and pink eye?

Here's how. In conjunctivitis, or pink eye, the whites of the eye get more red or injected. With styes, or chalazion, the eyelid is also affected.
They're different. A stye is within the eyelid. Pink eye affects the surface of the eyeball.

How are sty and pink eye distinguished from each other?

Considerable. A stye is like a pimple of the glands in the lids - causing pain, local swelling discharge. It is in the skin of the lid and not the eye. Pink eye is usually an infection that is viral of the lining of the eye, causing redess, discharge and occasionally lowering of vision. It is on the surface of the eye and not the lid.

Can sty or pink eye cause you to stay home?

No and Yes. Styes are not contagious, but pink eye from viral conjunctivitis can be highly contagious.
Pink Eye. Viral or bacterial conjunctivitis can be very contagious- so one might stay home for that. Most do not stay home for a stye.

What could I do to find out if its pink eye or a sty in the eye?

Different locations. Pink eye refers to an infection in the conjunctiva, the clear membrane over the white of your eye. A sty is an infection in one of the glands in the eyelid.

The area under my left eye is red, swollen and tender to touch. I do not believe it is a sty or pink eye - what could this be?

Inflamed skin. If skin is red, swollen and tender to touch it is inflamed. The most concerning cause of inflammation is infection, so keep an eye out. Chronic irritation from rubbing or watering eyes can do it. Bug bites can do it. Sometimes allergies can do it, although these usually itch more than hurt until they get infected. You might also be in the early stage of a stye. Keep an eye out for a bump on eyelid.
Depends on where. As you suggested, chalazions or styes, are a common cause of inflammation of the eyelid. Other less common causes include a tear duct infection (dacryocystitis-usually below inner eye lid) or a cellulitis (infection of the skin). Both of these issues require topical and/or oral antibiotics and should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist. Of course there are other possible but more rare causes.

I woke up with my right eyelid swollen and a reddish purple. No sty, no pink eye, and I haven't been hit n it hurts. Please help!

Cold compress. Cold compress, and go to your eye doctor to rule out serious injury to your eye that can include trauma induced inflammation, corneal abrasion, cataract, retinal tear/detachment or optic nerve injury.
See MD. You need to get to a doctor to properly evaluate the cause. There may be infection or trauma that you were unaware of as may occur during sleep. This is not an appropriate condition to address online.

Can pink eye cause a stye?

Possible. But it can also lead to periorbital cellulitis. If you are concerned, get it checked out.

How to know if you have pink eye or stye?

Location. Pink eye, with several causes, leads to redness of the eye itself (the conjunctival lining over the white of the eye). Usually some discomfort, discharge and light sensitivity. Styes are in the lids, cause focal swelling, sometimes much pain and tenderness, and rarely affect vision.