I have hurt my left ankle. It is not blue and a lil swollen. It hurs when I walk on it and hurts when I move it and hurts when its still. What could be wrong with it?

Torn ligaments. Whenever you sprain or injur your ankle, you run the risk of a grade 1 to 3 ankle injury which includes tearing the ankle ligaments.You need to have an xray taken at your local doctor's office or hospital to rule out any bone injury or fracture. After that, you will be examined to see which ligaments are involved. You may need an air cast or a walking boot.
Many possibilities. Ranging from sprain, ligament damage or fracture. Rest, ice , compression and elevation. See ankle specialist for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.
A sprain or strain. It could be a fracture (broken bone) a sprain (torn ligaments) or a strain (strecthed out ligaments). Have a physical exam by a podiatrist to make sure which one it is and follow the treatment recommendations. Sometimes, just a compressive wrap is needed, maybe a splint or a walking boot. It's tough to say exactly without an exam.