Is it okay to have bloodshot eyes after pink eye?

Yes. The redness will go away. The bloodshot, dilated vessels, are the bodies way of attacking the problem. When you are all better the redness will likely be the last thing left.

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Bloodshot eyes, clear discharge, fuzzy vision. No pain. Not allergic conjunctivitis or dry-eye. Prednisolone helped, but symptoms returned. Ideas?

See eye doctor. But I suspect that you may have dry eyes which may respond to regular use (3-4x/day) of artificial tear preferably in single-dose form. One of the major symptoms of dry eyes is tearing because the body is trying to overcome the dryness by periodically producing tear. I would not advise using prednisone for this condition.

I am experiencing itchy eyes, bloodshot eyes (side: one eye only) and eyelid swelling. Looks like a have viral conjunctivitis. What eye drop I need?

Viral Conjunctivitis. Not treating - this is a common option for mild or moderate infections. Your tears contain chemicals that fight off germs (bacteria). Without treatment, most cases of infective conjunctivitis clear on their own within 1-2 weeks. Often they clear within 2-5 days. If symptoms become worse then see a doctor to check your eye and to see if you need treatment. Bathing the eyes - using cool clean water;
Be careful. Pink eye can be a difficult condition to diagnose or treat. OTC medications may not be adequate to treat ocular inflammation. Please see an eye doctor to be complete.