What does it mean when you have 1-15% stenosis of right and left internal carotid artery and that clinical correlation recommended?

Mild narrowing. The cutoff for a signicant or abnormal is 50% narrowing or greater. Minor narrowing < 30% is considered normal. Clinical correlation means to ask your doctor what the test means for you as an individual.
You have. Mild plaque in your carotid arteries. Time for risk factor control. See stroke.Org. Also see your doctor to evaluate your cholesterol and blood sugar. No smoking please. Keep control of blood pressure also.
Essentially Normal. Carotid artery disease means that the carotid arteries have blockage, usually in the form of atherosclerosis. This is diagnosed with a special ultrasound called a carotid duplex scan. 1-15% stenosis is the lowest range of blockage in this test and really represents an essentially normal artery. Clinical correlation means to relate the findings to the individual's situation. Your carotids are ok!