27 days after 5 fillings wisdom tooth removal I still hurt from my throat to my ear my face hurts when I touch it 9 teeth in the lower jaw take turns?

See oral surgeon. See your oral surgeon asap. You may be developing a very serious infection. This is nothing to fool around with. Might simply be a dry socket, as well. This can easily be treated and you will feel better fast. Go get checked by the oral surgeon.
Too long. It seems like you have been in pain for too long. Having discomfort after wisdom teeth extraction is normal for 2 weeks of healing. If you had many fillings done at the same visit maybe different things are happening. First with the 5 fillings maybe they need adjustments because if the bite is off it will cause a lot of pain. Secondly perhaps there is a dry socket . Please see your dentist.
Not Usually, But.... Have you informed your treating doctor and been re-examined? Is it getting better, worse, or staying the same? 27 days is a long time to heal, but there may be extenuating circumstances, other factors. You need to be checked. If you are not getting a satisfactory response, maybe a second opinion is in order.
Make dentist appt. If you had all that dental treatment done in a short amount of time no wonder you are in pain. After 3 days pain radiating to the ear after the removal of a lower molar or wisdom tooth suggests a dry socket . One or more of the fillings you had may have bee too deep for the tooth to recover. Follow up with your dentist to chech all the teeth you had worked on.