How come every time I get sick I get an eye infection?

URI's involve eyes. When you say you get sick i will assume you are talking about an upper respiratory infection of some kind. Many times these involve the sinuses as well as the eyes due to there close proximity. Some viruses also infect both the eyes and the throat.
Check with your doc. Upper respiratory tract infections can lead to eye infections. If frequent infections, should have your blood chemistries and immune system checked out. Improve hygiene and also reduce stress or any factors weakening your immune system.

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How come every time I get sick I get an eye infection that looks like herpes?

Could be herpes. Herpes can cause ocular, or eye symptoms. As herpes outbreaks can occur during times of illness, it is possible that you are having recurrent ocular herpes outbreaks. You definitely need to be seen by your doctor during one of these episodes to obtain a proper diagnosis. Untreated ocular herpes can lead to worse illnesses in the eye such as keratoconjunctivis. There are medications available! Read more...