Is it possible to clear up an eye infection in a week?

Depends. For some infections, a few days of antibiotics will clear the infection. Other infections may last longer. See your local ophthalmologist for assistance and care.
Yes. The average range can be a few days to a few weeks, depending on the type, severity, involvement of ocular structures, etc.

Related Questions

I've had an eye infection for weeks. What should I do?

Time for consult. I'd visit an ophthalmologist & see if their advanced equipment & experience can help define the issue.

How could I get an eye infection 2 weeks after being in contact with someone with an eye infection?

Coincidence? It may be that you simply contracted your own eye infection with a different virus, independent of your interaction with the person 2 weeks ago. But also sometimes different viruses have long "incubation periods" and it may take some time for the virus to cause you symptoms after you acquire it.

Last week I had an eye infection and this week I have strep. Are they related?

Not likely. The germ that causes strep does not usually cause infection in the eye.
Sure it's strep? Are you sure it was strep? If it was just a sore throat that was not confirmed as strep, then you may be having viral conjunctivitis from an adenovirus.

I have an eye infection & its very contiguous. I have eye drops that I need to use every three hours for a week & I have school, should I stay home?

Stay Home. Conjunctivitis is very contagious and until the discharge has cleared you need to stay home from school. Bathe the eye frequently and continue the antibiotic drops as prescribed. Follow up with your doctor.