Can I have conjunctivitis (pink eye) without having any pinkness or redness in my eyes?

Possibly. Pink eye, or epidemic keratoconjunctivitis, by definition causes red eyes. As the infection starts to heal, the pink tinge of the conjunctiva (skin over the white of the eye) may diminish to a point where it appears normal, but you may still be contagious. A rule of thumb is that as long as you do not look or feel 100% normal, you may still be infected and contagious.
Yes. You can have conjuctivitis where the symptoms mainly consist of a foreign body sensation (gritty feeling) and discharge, but your eyes may be not too pink or red. But by definition, the word conjuctivits means inflammation of the conjuctiva -- which implies redness.

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Hello, I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis (pink eye), but I have no redness or discharge. How is that possible?

What symptoms? You must have seen an ophthalmologist (I hope not another type of doctor) for this diagnosis. It would be unusual to have pink eye without redness or discharge. Perhaps you need a second look or a second opinion. Especially if you are having other symptoms such as vision loss or light sensitivity.

Think I might have pink eye cause I have some redness in my eyes and its irritating. How can I tell if if have it and how to treat it?

Difficult. Pink eye typically refers to viral conjunctivitis. It usually affects both eyes and because it is due to a virus, is treated symptomatically with otc preservative-free artificial tears. Problem is that this cannot be self- diagnosed. There are many causes of a red eye, some of which can be quite serious. You need to see an eye md for diagnosis and treatment.
Pinkeye. Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, has many causes, including viruses, bacteria, allergy, inflammation, foreign bodies in the eye, etc. The first thing to do is not rub the eye. Then, you could try some cold artificial tears, such as theratears (available over-the-counter). If this does not bring relief within a few hours, call your local eye doctor for an appointment.

My eye has been pussing for two days today is day three an it slowed down an the redness is kinda clearing up do I have symtoms of pink eye?

Pink vs red eye. Regardless of eye color, pus from eye is worrisome. Even tho it's slowed down, I'd still recommend that you see your Eye doctor, either Ophthalmologist or Optometrist, or at least your Family Doc. Don't wait for something bad/worse to happen. BTW, pink/red eye has many (non-infectious) causes so it's best to let your docs evaluate rather than taking this on as DIY project.

I had pink eye the last couple days. My eye does not hurt at all now and the redness is gone. However my vision is still blurry out of that eye.?

Pink eye. If you can send a photo that may help us see if you had epidemic keratoconjunctivitis and residual scar tissue. Consult with us to determine why your vision is not back to normal.

I have a pink/redness in the corner of my eye and it was not there a couple of days ago, and my eye burns a bit. Could it possibly be pink eye?

Usually not. Pink eye in general means that you have a severe virus that causes significant itchiness. Most people however with a little bit of eye redness have an unstable tear film from blepharitis. See Eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com "lid hygiene" on how to use warm compresses & diluted tea tree oil on closed lashes to help.

I got pink eye on march 3rd but it has reduced in redness with some pentrexyl &eye drops but I woke up today there was crusting around it again?

See Physician. Pink eye may require antibiotics usually drops. Sine pink eye can be transferred eye to eye and is contagious, I recommend you seek medical attention. Less likely, there are other eye diseases that can look like pink eye and again can be diagnosed by an eye doctor. Good luck.