Will fluorometholone eye drops exacerbate conjunctivitis?

It can. Steroids can sometimes worsen viral infections. Can combine antibiotics with steroids during treatment. Otherwise should help conjunctivitis.
Maybe. Fluorometholone drops are inflammatory steroids. Used acutely, they can suppress inflammation dramatically. If used for extended periods, they can cause cataracts or glaucoma but the one concern is rebound conjunctivitis from sudden withdrawal of steroids.

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How long should I wait after my last dose of fluorometholone eye drops (prescribed for allergic conjunctivitis) before wearing contacts again?

Soon. This depends upon the appearance and comfort of the eye. You should avoid contact wear when the eye is red or getting redder, but when the red is fading and the other symptoms you may have had are fading, then you can wear the contact. Read more...

Had conjunctivitis 5 time, first 4 treated with chlorsig eye drops, got it again, now using panatol and flarex, (fluorometholone) 1 week into treatment and now it back.?

Why? Why is the main question! you have to figure out the source. Is it that you keep on reinfecting yourself by touching something dirty? Do you have an infection in your tear duct? .... Your ophthalmologist needs to do a little extra work here to help you! Read more...