Thinking of getting compression stockings. What are signs and symptoms of blood clots in legs?

Swelling and pain. Compression garments can help to relieve symptoms of heaviness or swelling or edema. They can help in cases of varicose veins or if you are standing for long periods. Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot in the deep veins of the leg usually in the calf and can be associated with minimal symptoms usually swelling and crampy pains.
Pain and swelling. There are 2 kinds of blood clots in the legs-superficial and deep. Superficial clots are called superficial phlebitis and present usually with pain, redness and tenderness on the surface of the skin around a visual vein or varicose vein. Deep phlebitis (DVT) usually presents with swelling, pain and tenderness of the medial thigh or posterior calf. Either way, you should see a vein specialist.