If my eyes get tired easily when reading words on the computer. Does this mean I need glasses?

It may be so. Tired eyes can be a result of dry eyes or eye strain. Staring at a computer causes your eyes to blink less frequently, drying them. Dry eyes often cause blurred vision. If artificial tears are placed in the eyes just prior and during computer use do not relieve the sensation, you may want to have your eyes examined for possible computer glasses.
Yes, likely. Many patients benefit from glasses to focus at computer distances, as these will reduce eyestrain and relax the eyes.

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If my eyes get tired easily when reading words on the computer, is this a sign of needing glasses?

Not likely. This is likely to be due to being overworked or to tension. You might need a rest from your computer, or a refreshing hobby that stimulates you. Exercise and time outside can be a real help, and your body will get sunlight that is very important in processing of things like vitamin d, and cleansing of skin irritants and acne. Take time with your family, etc. And you'd be surprised how you feel. Read more...