I have unequal refractive power in both eyes and I get persisting eye strain. Is there a solution?

Adjust power. Once the eyes are unequal over 2 or 3 diopters (anisometropia), some people may experience eye strain. Also large differences can cause image size disparity (aniseikonia). Either adjust the refractive power by undercorrecting to match, by using contact lens, by doing some sort of refractive procedure, i.e. Lasik, lens removal, exchange or placement, etc.
Maybe. Most discomfort is caused by differences in peripheral distortion and image sizes caused by spectacle lenses. Sometimes we can make small adjustments in lens grinding called base curve and center thickness to reduce this problem. This the best solution is the use of contact lenses or lasik.

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I have unequal refractive power in both eyes and I get non-stop persisting eye strain. What should I do?

Various options. The eyes can adapt to differences in refractive power usually very successfully. If the difference is great, there are options with contact lenses that can compensate. See your ophthalmologist for better ways to deal with this. Read more...