Can reading glasses help prevent computer related eye strain?

Yes. If the strain is coming from presbyopia (loss of accommodation) and long hours of use. Adjust the power of reading glasses to the focal point distance from the computer screen vs. Font size (and reduce glare).
Yes. To use a computer monitor, you need the ability to accommodate or focus up close. Presbyopia is common and can be completely alleviated by use of glasses. Plus, lens tiniting can be used to reduce glare and improve contrast. See you ophthalmologist for a full evaluation and refraction.

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Can reading glasses prevent eye strain?

Yes. After age 40s, presbyopia starts to set in which is loss of accommodation or focusing to see at near. So for those with a plano or hyperopic farsighted prescription, eye strain starts to happen when looking at small print. Reading glasses help to relieve the strain of accommodation.
Possibly. Try a pair of +1.00 readers...If they help, then good...If not, see your local eye doctor.