Is it normal to have double vision even after having eye muscle surgery?

Depends. Right after surgery or has it been awhile? If eye muscle surgery was supposed to correct it but did not, then could be under/over-corrected, or could have alignment issues in more than 1 direction that was only partially treated, or other causes.
Yes. Ask your surgeon if it will get better. It may just take time, or you may need prisms or more surgery. Double vision after muscle surgery is less common with much younger patients.

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4 months out-still diplopia after horiz. Eye muscle surg. Am eso after exo out by 5-6 dp. Will I need further surgery? Was only 15+ dp exo-47 yrs. Old

Tricky question. If your eyes were out of alignment for many years, then one or the other is supressed (unless you alternate). Strabismus surgery can bring the eyes to a cosmetically acceptable position in most cases but cannot establish fusion when there is long standing lack of fusion. Check with your strabismus surgeon about which category your eyes fall within. Read more...