What are the causes for nausea with eye pain?

Acute Glaucoma. The most common cause of nausea and pain in the eyes is acute glaucoma. If you are having any of those symptoms you should see an eyecare provider immediately! vision loss can occur rapidly when the pressure increases in the eye.
Glaucoma. Extremely elevated eye pressure can cause severe eye pain and nausea. Narrow angle or acute glaucoma, as well as other forms of glaucoma (neovascular in diabetics), or surgically-induced high eye pressure can also lead to these symptoms. Eye pain severe enough to cuase nausea should be evaluated immediately. Otherwise, blindness can ensue and be permanent.

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What are the causes for nausea, eye pain?

Can be lots; see MD. Can be sinus related, but ... Can also be inflammatory, glaucoma, other eye issues, clot, tumor masses, and other causes. See md. Read more...