What do cataracts look like? Is it possible for someone in their twenties to get them?

Whitening of lens. Cataract cause: Cataract occur from change in lens proteins which cause whitening/clouding of clear lens composition: can be due to an infection or inflammation from birth (ie, rubella), old age/genetics, steroid use, trauma, poor diet; smoking & Diabetes increases risk. More info: [email protected]
Different types. Lens that is no longer clear, commonly there are nuclear sclerotic changes, which can cause browning of the lens, cortical, posterior subcapsular opacities that build up make the lens not clear. It's possible to have a congenital cataract at an early age or have secondary cataracts due to things like trauma. It's too hard to see the cataract without a dilated slit lamp photo.
Cataracts. Young patients can get cataracts. They are just a clouding of a patient's crystalline lens.
Normal to white,rare. When the natural lens is cloudy it is termed cataract. Most can not be seen just by looking at someone without the use of eye equipment. If it is very cloudy, white, or very dark brown it may be seen by the naked eye. Because only advanced white cataracts could actually be seen, in ancient times doctors thought it looked like a waterfall. 20's unlikely. Diabetes, medicines, trauma can cause them.