What are the best proven over-the-counter products for cataracts?

None. There is no current over-the-counter or prescription medication, or vitamin that can treat cataracts. Cataracts are caused by the normal growth of the eye's lens (much like growth of skin) ultimately leading to too much lens material in too small a space, in addition to biochemical changes that occur. There may be non-surgical treatments available in the future, but none exist at this point.
None proven. Cataracts are a part of aging. They are caused by oxidation of the lens fibers causing haze. So far, there aren't any otc products proven to reduce or reverse cataracts. There are some experimental compounds which have shown promise but much research needs to be done. Wearing sunglasses are perhaps your best bet.
Cataract diet. N-acetylcarnosine (NAC) in small studies showed improve vision in cataract patients. However, it has not been studied in double blind, randomized, prospective way & studies were paid for by company who has vested interest. It is not FDA approved. Likely sun protection & eating a diet rich in antioxidants is just as good; so there is still not enough proof. More info at: [email protected]
Non. Only cataract extraction with intra-ocular lens implant will be definitive treatment. If ADLs is not affected some ophthalmologist adopt a routine monitoring and wait until vision is affected recommendation.
Too late for you! There have been some drops (not over the counter) that were shown to slow down cataract progression. Unfortunately, they need to be started early in life and taken for years. Cost-wise, probably not worth it, since cataract surgery is one of the simplest, most successful surgeries performed today.