I had retinal detachment in both eyes. Will I also develop cataracts?

Not necessarily. If the retinal detachment was repaired with a para plana vitrectomy, then there is a greater chance of developing a cataract. If however it was only lasered or a buckle was used, then the risk of cataract formation is not necessarily higher.
Likely! How the surgical correction of the retinal detachment was done is very important in answering this question. If a vitrectomy was done, you most likely will get cataracts sooner than later, otherwise risks are minor. Most nearsighted people tend to get cataracts earlier.
It depends. While everyone gets some degree of changes in the lens that are also known as cataracts, there is not really an association between retinal detachments and the progression of cataracts. However, an intraocular surgery called a vitrectomy is often used to repair a retina detachment. Vitrectomy surgery can cause a cataract to progress faster than it normally would.