What foods not to eat when pregnant?

No RAW meat/fish. Besides raw meat/fish (n minimize processed meats/cold-cuts), you should be eating a healthy, well balanced diet, and regular exercises just like everyone else should. You may need a bit more iron/calcium/folic acid which are provided in your prenatal vitamins. Only eat more to gain about 25-30lbs total during pregnancy. Consult doc or nutritionist if needed. Congrats on the pregnancy. Good luck.

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What foods not to eat when pregnant with twins?

See below. There's nothing specifically to avoid. Eat what you're hungry for. Have a target weight of 30-35 lb. Or there about. Read more...

What food should I eat when pregnant every day?

Fruits and vegetable. Eat seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day and drink 3 cups of milk or yogurt every day . A multivitamin with iron is still recommended. Read more...