Is it possible to have a retinal hemorrhage from high altitude?

It's possible... ... But other causes should be ruled out. Retinal hemorrhages are more often caused by uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes, as well as occasional association with bad floaters. The decreased pressure from high altitude has been known to rupture small blood vessels on the white of the eye as well. Have your eye doctor examine you carefully.
Retina. Theoretically, but this is not a common event, otherwise, it would be quite tough on mountain climbers.

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Can I have a retinal hemorrhage from high altitude?

Yes, however: At altitude above 4300 meters, there are certainly reports of retinal hemorrhage but it can be difficult to exclude other causes.High altitude retinopathy (harh) is seen in up to 29% of everest climbers above 5300 meters. There seems to be an association with altitude sickness raising questions whether slow ascent ; other factors may reduce risk for bleeding in the small vessels of the eye. Read more...

Could I have a retinal hemorrhage from altitude?

Yes. This is a well described cause of edema and bleeding of the retina when you climb higher than your acclimation. The use of acetazolamide can help but a common associated condition is fluid in the lung which basically halts further climbing and brain fog with confusion and disorientation. Read more...