Can abscessed tooth cause vision loss?

Yes. In my clinical practice, I have seen a patient that had a tooth abscess and developed inflammation in both eyes that affected his vision. It only resolved after the tooth was fixed. If you notice any changes in the vision, you should see your eyecare provider.
Yes but rare. If the infection is severe enough but usually it wouldn't.
Rare condition. In rare situations an abscessed tooth can cause an infection that will spread to the orbit and cause vision loss. More common is an abscessed tooth related to uncontrolled diabetes, and it is the diabetic retinopathy causing vision loss. See your eyemd right away for any vision loss associated with unusual infections.
Not usually. If the abscess causes a more invasive infection into the sinuses, it could then cause damage to some of the ocular structures (like the optic nerve); this is quite rare. In general, dental issues don't cause ocular issues as well.