Can vision loss due to glaucoma be fully recovered by homeopathy?

No. Vision loss from glaucoma is irreversible nerve damage just like a compressive spinal cord injury.
No. Glaucoma when it produces vision loss, is a permanent thing. Do not substitute a homeopathic placebo for your clinically proven anti-glaucoma medication. There is absolutely no benefit from homeopathic placebo products in this disease (or any other for that matter).
No. No known glaucoma vision loss remedies yet since damage is to the central nervous system, a part of the body we haven't been able to regenerate to restore vision.

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Can vision loss due to glaucoma be reversible through homeopathy?

No. Damage to an optic nerve from glaucoma is irreversable. This is because it it part of the central nervous system and does not regenerate. This is why early diagnosis of glaucoma is essential to stop permanent nerve damage and vision loss.