Can panic attacks cause temporary vision loss?

Maybe. Panic attacks can be very scary. Usually your heart races you perspire and breathe hard. If your blood pressure falls, your vision could be constricted and you may black out. You need to see your doctor right away to confirm these are indeed panic attacks and not something more serious and you can seek help for these.

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Can a panic attack cause visual symptoms like vision loss for just a minute, or snowy vision (looks like tv static) that obstructs vision for a min?

Panic Attack. I am empathic to your vision loss for a minute and snowy vision. Trust your body and mind to cope with these symptoms , as you know that these symptoms are temporary. At age 21,stressors of relationships, unresolved emotional conflicts, work and finances can cause severe anxiety and panic attacks.. Panic attacks with these symptoms, are treatable with good results. Please see a Psychiatrist. Read more...