What should you do when you break a small blood vessel under your eye?

Observe. If otherwise asymptomatic with good vision and no pain. Best to get any eye problem checked out by an eye care provider.
Usually observe. Usually, these small hemorrhages are no problem and resolve in 10-14 days. Artificial tears can help since most are caused by dry eyes. Sometimes, these hemorrhages can be indicative of something more serious such as uncontrolled blood pressure or bleeding disorder. If the spots recur or are accompanied by headache or other symptoms, see your doctor right away.

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What do you do when you break a small blood vessel under your eye?

Depends. I'm going to assume you're talking about a broken blood vessel on the lower white part of the eye, rather than actually under the eye. If so, that's likely a subconjunctival hemorrhage, like a bruise on the eye. It can happen spontaneously and will usually resolve like any other bruise. If you have pain, vision loss, or it's worsening, see an ophthalmologist. Read more...

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Just watch & see... Without a direct look at, it is hard to tell what it may be although clinically it may represent a varix (tiny benign venous new growth), which is common and benign with no practical need for active care although very occasionally it may bleed. So, it would be most reasonable to just watch, wait, and see how it may change and evolve. Read more...