Is it okay to wear contacts with a broken blood vessel in the eye?

Yes but...... If the hemorrhage is large enough to be elevated, the contact may not fit well and could cause problems.
Probably. Should be ok to wear contacts lens even with a subconjunctival hemorrhage. However you may want to rest your eye first.

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What does a broken blood vessel in the eye mean?

Usually nothing. Sub conjunctival hemorrhage is a common condition. It may be due to blood pressure ore eye pressure. But usually a cause is not found. Any valsalva maneuver may cause a capillary to break, even heavy lifting or constipation. It is usually benign. But have your eyes checked.
Usually not much. It can come from coughing, sneezing, constipation, airborne irritants hitting the eye, a mascara wand, or even hitting the eye during sleep with a blanket or pillow edge. All bets are off if on blood thinners.

What are the dangers of wearing contact lens when you have a broken blood vessel in the eye. My eye feels fine and vision is fine too. Just ugly.

Odd question. How do you know you have a "broken blood vessel in the eye? " Did your ophthalmologist tell you this? Some of the potential complications of contact lens wear include corneal epithelial problems and infectious keratitis. There are no blood vessels inside the cornea. It is a layer of keratin which must be clear to allow unimpeded passage of light through the lens to reach the retina.

Will zyrtec (cetirizine) help heal a broken blood vessel in the eye?

No. There is no medication for this. It gets better with time.
No. Zyrtec (cetirizine) will do nothing for a broken blood vessel in your eye. Only time will take care of it.

There were few anal bleeding, little blood flowed, now I noticed a broken blood vessel in the eye big enough. Is it a lack of vit. K, capillary fragility?

Not necessarily. Straining, being on nsaids like aspirin, ibuprofen, trauma, hypertension and heavy lifting would be risk factors. If there is frequent bleeding, or easy bruising/bleeding then ask your doctor for more workup.

Is it normal to almost faint when you put on your contacts with a broken blood vessel in your eye?

Possible vasovagal… event where there is a sudden drop in your blood pressure and you can feel faint, lightheaded, and sweaty. This is a common phenomenon that can occur when the eyes are touched or manipulated. I think that the broken blood vessel is unrelated and will likely resolve just as a bruise in the skin will resolve. All the best!