I m dealing with loss of pleasure in my life called anhedonia. Which is core symptom of depression. But I don't have any other depreesive symptoms. So is my cndition is depression or any other mentel illness?

No sadness yet blah. It is a falsehood that one must have a sad mood to be clinically depressed. Many - maybe more often the elderly - have depression and do not have subjective low mood. Therefore, it is vital to entertain more far reaching questions about vegetative symptoms including: inability to laugh at a good joke, inability to experience pleasure, restfulness of sleep, sex drive decline, change appetite, blah.
Something must . Have happened to cause u to b in this mode " loss of pleasure". This shd just be temporary unless u don't do anything about it & get deeper into d negative & truly become depressed.Change ur attitude & outlook in life.There are many more unfortunate people than any one of us but they aspire for the best, brings hope and inspire all of us - no arms, no legs & yet they succeed . Live laugh & love.