Is my itching contagious from scabies?

Scabies=contagious. Scabies are mites! the ones infesting human are called sarcoptes scabiei var hominis, and have been torturing mankind for over 2500 yrs, dating back to the roman times. They typically burrow under skin, lay their eggs, thus causing the burrows of inflammation and thus intense itching at times-easily treated, but often a missed diagnosis. If u r concernd/having burrow-rashes, consult doc. Good luck.
Agree w Dr. Nguyen. A dermatologist or your family doctor can make this diagnosis accurately. Scabies can cause intense itching which worsens at night. If you check your skin you can see little burrows made by small blisters and bumps in skin folds. Places you might find them include your armpits, inner elbows, between your fingers, on your feet, around the buttocks, genitalia and breasts.