Is 95 total cholesterol ok?

Usually It Is. Low total cholesterol levels can be found in a variety of settings. For individuals who are not on lipid medications and are otherwise healthy this can occur due to genetically low LDL levels associated with low production of LDL particles (hypobetalipoproteinemia) or increased clearance of LDL particles. See your physician for further discussion and evaluation.
Probably Great; but. Cholesterol is a fat molecule manufactured by every animal cell, a building block of each cell membrane (enables membrane fluidity/movement without tearing), is fundamental to the survival of every animal cell. Lipoproteins (proteins which transport all fats in the water outside cells) is the correct issue for artery disease (e.g. Ldl ?700 nmol/l, HDL ?45 µmol/l). Cholesterol ?$, but misleading.
May be, not. In an adult, please make sure liver function test (blood test) ok before calling it nirmal. Thanks.