Is lazy eye curable or incurable?

Depends on timing. To successfully treat amblyopia it is best to identify the problem as early as possible in childhood and apply the appropriate therapy consistently. By age 7-8 most of the eye development is complete and the amblyopia is permanent.
Curable if 8 or less. Lazy eye has 2 definitions: 1. Amblyopia- this is an eye that doesn't see well due to abnormal visual stimuli to the brain during development (age 0-8). If not corrected by glasses and patching by age 8 or so, the loss of vision is permanent. If by lazy eye you mean an eye that is misaligned, this can be fixed by surgery at any age.
Depends on age. First, it depends on the age of the patient. Most lazy eye (amblyopia) should be treated before age 9-10. The patient needs a complete, dilated eye exam to determine need for glasses and to rule out any other underlying conditions. Patching or dilating drops are then used in the stronger eye to force the use of the weak eye to make it stronger. see also: