I've been having extremely foul smelling gas after antibiotics. Now I feel gassy & toxic throughout the day & constantly leaking odor. Help plz!?

Probiotic therapy. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in your digestive system, allowing "bad bacteria" to proliferate. Good bacteria are critical to digestion. If they are not present digestion is disrupted and digestive problems, such as odor and gas, can result. The solution is to consume probiotic supplements or foods such as greek yogurt and sauerkraut. Good bacteria in probiotics rebalance your system.
Probably OK. . Continued gastrointestinal symptoms following recent antibiotics always raises the specter of clostridium difficile infection. But it is usually due to disruption of normal intestinal flora.. This may be worth while investigating if symptoms persist. You may consider using some probiotics in the interim.