What is the most recommended over-the-counter allergy medicine for itchy/watery eyes?

Zaditor (ketotifen) My personal favorite otc allergy medicine is zaditor, (ketotifen) an antihistamine drop manufactured by novartis. This drop is used twice daily for allergy symptoms and can be used daily as needed.
Zaditor (ketotifen) Also could use alaway. Sometimes should also use oral antihistamines (otc or rx), and mast cell stabilizers, depending on severity and other allergic symptoms.

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Are itchy, watery eyes due to allergies?

Likely. Itching and tearing are classic symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. See you eye doctor to confirm that this is the problem and get appropriate treatment. Read more...

When allergy season comes along instead of watery eyes and nose mine get very very dry and itchy including all over body itching? Seems strange 2 me?

Seems strange to me, Seems strange to me, too. See your dr. Bring with you all pills including vitamins. Try rubbing in moisturizer immediatly after shower. Read more...