My mom had a cataract surgery a year ago, but her eyes are still watery. Is this normal?

Maybe. Might have existed before the surgery. Could be related to poor production, decreased outflow (lacrimal drain issues), reflexive with poor tear film or lid position. Making incisions on the cornea sometimes affects the feedback loop of the cornea and tears.
Her eyes may be dry. A year after surgery it is possible that her eyes are dry and she is over producing tears to compensate for the dryness. Try using artificial tears to see if this helps.
Wateriness. The watery eyes are not related to the prior cataract surgery. Dry eye is very common. I would try artificial tears frequently during the day, ointment at night, warm compresses 1-2 times a day, and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. If no improvement, see an eye doctor.
Not related. This isn't related to cataract surgery. She should see an eye doctor for evaluation. It could be as simple as dry eye, eyelid malposition, or obstruction of the tear drainage system.

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My mom-cataract surgery done on both eyes around 6-7 years back. Is being advised laser capsulotomy 4 left eye, does this cause retina thinning?

No. The new plastic lens she has is supported on the back capsule of her previous natural lens. Sometimes this capsule, which is living tissue, makes a layer of lens material termed capsular fibrosis. This is easily opened with some yag laser hits (laser capsulotomy) with energy focused on the capsule and not the retina so a risk to the retina is rare and probably only comes from pre-existing issues.
Laser capsulotomy. Is a common procedure that may be needed weeks, months or years after cataract surgery. A laser is used to open the original lens capsule that is left in position to support the intraocular lens which is inserted at the time of the original surgery. This laser procedure is very safe and will not cause retinal thinning.

A month after my mom underwent a cataract surgery in her left eye, she constantly feels somthing in the middle of her eye even when she doesn't blink?

Persistent swelling. After cataract surgery could be causing your mom's symptoms. She should be seen by the ophthalmologist who performed her surgery to see if she needs any other treatment than what she has received already.

My mom had cataract surgery 3 days ago and claims she cannot see out of her left eye. Says everything is out of focus. Please Help!

Vision after sirgery. In Cataract surgery the cloudy lens is replaced by an intra ocular implant. Vision returns within a week or two provided no other pathology in the eye. Pre-existing Macular degeneration or retinal diseases will compromise final visual outcome. Residual astigmatism may also cause blurred vision unless corrected with glasses. Please take her to Ophthalmologist & continue using medication.
S/p Cataract surgery. It is not uncommon to have blurry vision, general discomfort, pressure sensations around eye after surgery. This can be due to resolving inflammation, corneal swelling, drying out of tear film layer, pressure fluctuations in eye. These symptoms should resolve. If pt sees nothing, call your eyeMD as emergency to recheck inside eye.

Any ideas if I can have cataract surgery if I have watery eye?

Yes. The cause of the watery eye should be managed before the cataract surgery, though.
Cataract Surgery DES. Watery eye can be due to reflex tearing from dryness; blocked nasolacrimal ducts (duct to nose), chronic allergy. You can still have Cataract Surgery if you have any of these, but it is best to have these corrected/under control to help assure best quality of vision after surgery.

My mom had cataract surgery and has been feeling pressure in forehead and under eyes. Eye pressure was checked and fine. Have you ever heard of this?

After Cataract surg. It is not uncommon to have general discomfort or pressure sensations around eye after cataract surgery. This can be due to resolving inflammation, corneal swelling, drying out of tear film layer, pressure fluctuations in eye. These symptoms should resolve. If they do not, ask your eyeMD to recheck inside eye & check to be sure there is any sinusitis (usually unrelated to initial surgery).

Cataract surgery 1wk post-op check up yesterday. Both eyes dilated. 24 hrs later, one eye still somewhat dilated. Normal or problem?

Likely just normal. It depends on the drops and number used. It's possible that you are just a slow metabolizer of the respective medication/drops utilized. Consider touching base with your opthalmologist just to make sure you have a good plan of action.
Can be normal. Give another day and if not resolved check with your eye doctor.
Dilation p CS normal. Dilation after Cataract 1wk post op check is normal. It should return to normal within 3-4 days if normal dilating drops were given. If you are on atropine, it will stay dilated sometimes for 5-7 days.